Thanks for stopping by I’m in the process of redesigning the site. I’m also reconsidering everything about this “blog.” (I still flinch a bit when I refer to my writing-that-I-share-on-the-Internet as a blog. Pretty funny, huh?)
With the over-saturation of the ‘net with personal blogs, I’m taking some time to decide what I want this blog to be. Will I post thoughts as they come to me? Will I mindfully craft posts, revising until they are only of the highest quality? Will I add advertisements or product reviews? (Ew, but all options are on the table.) Will I have themes? Will these be op-ed style opinion pieces? Creative writing? Mommy blogging? A combination of all of those? I’m not sure.

me and the girls
It’s been a rocky few years. Things are flowing more smoothly now, though, and I’m emotionally connected to my website. My blog. Urp. I am amazed that people still, after all this time and all these variations of the site, come to read my words.
In the next few weeks I’ll be adding more of the nearly 300 posts that are now in the drafts folder (imported from the old site). It’s been educational and touching to read through these old posts. I’ve reposted some of them here already (see the archives).
So, again, thank you for stopping by. Now that I’m using wordpress, it should be easy for you to receive these posts by email as several of you prefer. I do hope to get back to writing and posting new content very soon.
I appreciate all of you.