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Black Girl In Maine (regular posts, through 11/22)

links to my monthly newspaper columns in The Bangor Daily News (final column December 2017)

Book: Fact or Fiction: The Truth about Fear and Depression, Facts on File, 2004—for use by middle and high school students, purchased by school libraries.

Houston Business Journal

Kansas City Business Journal


  • GPS Activities for Kids
  • Weekend Vacations With Children
  • Summertime Boot Camps in Minnesota for Teens
  • How are Motorcycle Chaps Supposed to Fit?
  • Nonprofit Management Tools
  • Problems Exporting an Access Report to RTF
  • Nonprofit Management Tools
  • Homemade Heating Oil
  • The Best Places to Live in Small Cities
  • How Do I Mill Buckwheat to Remove Hulls?
  • Company Christmas Party Invitation Ideas
  • How to Understand the Quote “Be Not Afraid of Greatness”
  • Getting More Frequent Periods
  • Breakfast Restaurants in Rochester, New Hampshire
  • Homemade sugar beets
  • How to Disable Photo Booth on a Macintosh
  • Motorcycle Bars & Camping in Maine
  • Peppermint Patty Gifts
  • Reasons to Stop a Divorce
  • How to Make Donuts Without a Deep Fryer
  • How to Build a Solid Resume
  • How to Turn Tires Inside Out
  • How to Introduce a New Pet Cat
  • How to Teach Kids to Make Posters
  • Reasons to Stop a Divorce
  • Snow Coming Poster Ideas
  • Fun Birthday Ideas for Your Girlfriend
  • Potato Appetizer Ideas
  • Kids’ Organization Tips
  • Uses for an Old Fire Hose
  • Princess Birthday Gifts
  • Where Do Fundraising Monies Go in a 501C3 Organization
  • Identification of Military Pins
  • Reunion T-Shirt Ideas
  • Weight Requirements for Child Safety Seats
  • Types of Sparkling Water
  • List of Different Uses of Solar Energy
  • November Wedding Themes
  • Science Projects on How to See Plants Drinking


  • Banking on women: New efforts at KeyBank and beyond aim to better serve women business owners
  • The Circle of Life: Maine’s Retirement Communities Focus on Providing Multiple Options for Care at One Facility
  • Circling the bases
  • Home Alone: A New Industry Provides Services to Seniors Who Live on Their Own
  • Uncharted waters 

MainelyKids.com (no longer an active website)

  • Banking On Children: Teaching the value of time and giving
  • Holiday Ideas for the Whole Family

Philanthropy Journal [in 2022 Philanthropy Journal changed ownership and removed content from their website.]

  • Great interviews mean great newsletters
  • Making newsletter articles ‘pop’
  • Events raise awareness, then money
  • It’s time to embrace ‘branding’
  • Special events done right

Maine Arts Mag

  • Maine Fiber Arts: Weaving Our Way Through Maine (cover story)
  • Visualizing Children and the Arts 

Sweet 16 (from ’98/’99, this magazine is no longer in print, pdf files available on request)

  • 13 Days to a Brand New You!
  • Am I Too Boy Crazy?
  • Cool Stuff for Free 

Teen Celebrity (from ’98/’99, this magazine is no longer in print, pdf files available on request)

  • Great Come-backs You Wish You’d Thought Of…
  • How I Survived the Beach in my Bikini
  • Prude!
  • Touching the Stars Here On Earth
  • When It’s Time to Say You’re Sorry
  • Who’s Your Inner Star?