please feel free to contact me: art @ serenebabe dot net

(last updated September, 2016)

Past shows:


January — Café Nomad (Norway, ME)


April/May — Black Cat Coffee


February — Saco Public Library, (Saco, ME)

June/July — Dahlia’s Delights (Biddeford, ME)


Café Nomad (Norway, ME)

Bard Coffee (Portland, ME)

Dahlia’s Delights (Biddeford, ME)

Starbucks on Exchange (Portland, ME)

Portland Time Gallery (Portland, ME)
Opening reception held 6-8p, September 7 (during First Friday Art Walk). A great success!

Northern York County Family YMCA (Biddeford, ME) (x2)

Starbucks, High/Free Streets (Portland, ME) (x2)

Saco Public Library, (Saco, ME)

Starbucks, Northgate (Portland, ME) (x3)

Starbucks (Saco, ME) (x2)

11 thoughts on “art

  1. Although i would have left his galoshes in the corner of the boat rather than having him wear them, but I’m not the artist.


    • Listen. While I appreciate your commentary, I take this all very seriously. I simply wasn’t able to make the feet look real so I had to put the galoshes on. I would appreciate you keep your future opinions to yourself.


      • Look if you are going to put yourself out there you’ll need to except some criticism from time to time, either on the artistic level or on fashion sense portrayed in your paintings. An umbrella would have fixed everything like the painting with the goat and the unicorn, but I’m not the artist here, so what do I know. (I did find the painting of the chicken rotisserie very moving though and on an allegorical level it brought a lump to my throat, so I’ll give you that one).


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