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This week I am up in the mountains of Maine all by myself. No children, no parents, no pets. Just me. For many reasons, and the worldwide crises (googling “crisis plural”) is definitely among them, I may post a lot of small posts on this here web log. Just a head’s up, especially for those of you who get my posts by email!
Here’s where I am (heart emoji x a thousand):

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In the last few years, as I am winding down, I have returned to the work I did in the early 2000s as a “virtual assistant,” expanding on it to provide a wider range of services, including:

  • website creation, website maintenance (wordpress);
  • website hosting;
  • digital and/or paper newsletters, flyers, posters, social media posts;
  • e-group moderation, email list management;
  • virtual filing, emailing, scheduling;
  • fundraising data management;
  • website aspects of fundraising events (typically with;
  • tech support sessions (no problem is too small, I’ve seen it all!).

Please reach out if you’re looking to hire help in any of these areas.

Here are some examples of websites I’ve created in the last few years:

In a larger project I turned this website (below) into this one.

Old site…
New(er) site!

I began working on websites in the 1990s. I’ve always maintained my own sites, but only in the last couple years have I been hired to do website work for others. I would love to create/update/maintain more websites. If you would like a website made or maintained and you’d like to consider hiring me, please email me with your ideas or questions.

It’s not as easy to share samples of my desktop publishing work, as most of that work involves offline publications. However, if you look at the newsletters on the Portland Friends Meeting website (scroll down the page), I created these monthly newsletters for almost ten years, until August 2023. I absolutely love to take people’s words and images and turn them into attractive documents.

As for the rest of what I offer, think of anything an excellent administrative or executive assistant might do, or an assistant to a development director, or… I can use almost any software and I can help others navigate technology. I’m good at helping folks organize their digital lives. Contact me here to tell me what you need, or with any questions!

For more details about my professional trajectory, I do have a LinkedIn page (here).

With a new plugin here on wordpress that finds broken links, I took some time the other day fixing links and saving the updated information. Apparently, this sent out posts as if they were new to some of you. I’m honored that you elect to receive my posts! but I’m sorry you’ve been flooded with old — extremely personal, I now see! — posts from a decade or so ago!

Hello! This post continues to have many visitors every day. I’m not sure how you’ve found it, but I’m very curious. If you feel like it, please leave a comment about how you got here? Thank you!     —serenebabe

Listening to solid news coverage about the struggles of immigrants and refugees, I was struck today about how disheartening, depressing, and even traumatizing it might be for Black people (and, now that I’ve been thinking about it, for Indigenous people in the US) to have excellent passionate and committed activism and news coverage about the current issues facing immigrants and refugees. Even if Black and/or Indigenous people fully support the rights and causes of immigrants and refugees, I can’t help but wonder (and I suspect google would bear this out) if Black and Indigenous people might feel once again as if they don’t count or are invisible to the “allies.”Read More →