still blog-floundering, what’s up with me lately

My friend Paula says we should just blog our hearts out (my paraphrasing, with great liberties). I used to write lots and lots and post it on here. But, that was before the days of “everyone has facebook.” I’m still not sure what I want to do here, though I know I want to lean less on facebook.

Moments ago, I posted some photos on facebook, and it felt weird. I used to share photos of our family’s activities all the time; it was super-fun! And, it’s true that most people I know use facebook. So, a lot of people I care about will see the photos of me and my daughters and our Christmas. Posting photos of my daughters on here feels strange, mostly. What is this blog for, then? I’m still not sure. Maybe just little updates?

I’ll give that a try, again…

I’m still recovering from the concussion I sustained in June, but I’m doing really well. I’ve “graduated” so-to-speak from occupational therapy, physical therapy, and soon will finish up with speech therapy and talk (emotional) therapy. I’ll continue with osteopathic manipulative treatment (“OMT”) and acupuncture for a while now, though at my next appointments I’ll be discussing with the providers how long they think I should continue treatments. (By the way, OMT is amaaaaaaazing and I recommend it highly!) My symptoms (headaches, a certain kind of confused thinking, trouble prioritizing, inability to multi-task) are much less frequent. When they come back, I know what to do to get better and a return to mostly-normal happens pretty quickly. For example, 5-10 minutes of eye and brain rest can get me thinking clearly and just about headache free in most cases.

I’ve stopped writing for the Bangor Daily News, which is a serious disappointment. I was told by someone on staff that opinion columnists who didn’t get enough clicks weren’t getting their contracts renewed. But, I’ve gotten a new regular writing gig about which I’ll share details as soon as my first piece comes out (yay!).

Finances are still quite tight, though bridge loans from my parents after the concussion have made it a little less stressful. Now that I’m able to work on the computer for much longer periods of time without causing terrible concussion symptoms, I should be back to work at the level where I’m not terrified every month about whether or not I’ll be able to pay my bills. It’s not close to how it was when I started writing about being “newly poor,” but it’s closer to it than I’d like. I’m perennially grateful my parents were in a position to provide the bridge loans to me. What I’ve been through with this concussion could have ended much worse if it wasn’t for my lucky birth circumstances.

As I think about and ruminate over how to use this blog, I’m thinking about my father’s annual Christmas letter. Each year, it’s truly a work of art. (There’s an excerpt from this past Christmas’ letter on his blog, here.) Maybe writing to an unknown audience as I do on this blog could still be an intimate space, I could write stuff like this but maybe rather than train of thought, I could put some more writing effort into it.

But, oh, I don’t know what I’ll do here.

In any case, thanks for reading this far! I hope to make posts worth your time in the future. :-)

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7 thoughts on “still blog-floundering, what’s up with me lately

  1. I’m still not blogging as often as I want to. Loads of good ideas are back-burnered because I’m still on FB too much and I still waste too much time reading repetitive news articles. Gotta reclaim my time! Blogging is much more helpful for writing than faffing in FB and Twitter is better for poetry than lolling at memes there.

    • yeah, it’s weird how self-conscious I feel putting stuff on this blog. I’m so much more aware of how presumptuous it is that I think anyone would be interested in the mundanities of my life. but that’s not really the point is it? I mean, people will read who want to read and people who won’t, won’t. I used to know that really well.

      I don’t think I’ll post much if I feel like it needs to be “well-written” or worth sharing widely.

      Oh! I know! I could just post whatever the heck I want, knowing a few people will not be bothered by that, and I won’t send it over to fb/twitter unless it’s a most substantial post?

      I’d love to see more from you, even if I don’t read everything, I like knowing you’re still there and that when it hits me at the right time I can gobble it up gleefully. :-)

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  3. I just barely remember you from the old Usenet days. Even as a total stranger, then, practically speaking, I find your thoughts here interesting and uncharacteristically lucid and well-written. I’m kind of tired of the brevity and “talking point,” Twitter-telegraph style imposed by most Internet platforms and I’m happy to see that blogging persists even if–maybe especially because–some people have dropped out of the game. For whatever that’s worth ($0.02 maybe.)
    I suppose I could have said all that in 64 characters.

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