when every bit matters

The coffers are nearly empty (my bank balances are precariously low, requiring transfers from now dwindling savings) so kohlrabi greens seem worth saving. They would be worth saving in any case, of course. But, if I wasn’t so aware of trying to make our food stretch, I probably wouldn’t take the time to “process” them; washing, parboiling, and freezing. They’ll work just like kale, though more on the collards side of the greens textures. Good for soups or mixed into casserole types of dishes. I’m not much for recipes, so having varied and even odd frozen ingredients on hand works well for me.
One of the biggest challenges I continue facing as I learn to live within my means is fully grasping the reality that the cash flow is very, very limited. I grew up with the sense that everything will be okay, it’ll all work out. There will always be enough. It’s hard to shake that comforting feeling, but it leads to bad choices (hello Starbucks) if I let it color the reality.