supporting the Republican platform means you support incest perpetrators

She was only ten when he started coming in to her room at night. “Just let me lie with you,” her Daddy said.

By the time she was sixteen they had sex once a week when her Mother was at the gym. Sometimes more often when her Mother was out of town.

The week before she went to college she found out she was pregnant. She had been with no other men. Only her Father.

The Republican platform would require this girl to carry that child to term. She would have no other legal or safe options.

Some of the Republicans who stray from their party’s official platform might require her to go ask her parents for permission to get an abortion. Imagine her asking her mother or father that question.

Abortion is complicated. No one thinks it is a simple issue. No one has clear answers. No honest person really believes it is ever easy.

Surely, though, we can all agree that this child abuser, this perpetrator of incest, this “Father,” shouldn’t have more rights than his daughter? Should she be forced to spend nine months carrying that baby?

The Republican platform says she must.

For those of you who so desperately cling to the idea that, “Oh, that’s just the freaks on the far right, *real* Republicans understand there are situations where a woman should have a right to an abortion,” consider this: Any Republican who wants to get financial support from the party must sign the platform. So, if they want to have the support of the Republican party they either they agree that abortion is always wrong, or they are liars.

4 thoughts on “supporting the Republican platform means you support incest perpetrators

  1. Such a good point – I am with you on this one. I am also enjoying your twitterfeed! Just added it today. Would you mind sending me your e-mail address? No worries if you don't want to.

  2. True that. I don't have much experience with child victims of incest, but I have some. Probably more than a lot of people. The two girls I worked with who were victims of incest told their mothers and weren't believed. To add insult to injury, both girls were very young when it happened. One was 10 when the incest started, and the other was 5. The 5-year-old was the most messed up little kid I've ever met in my life, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. Thankfully, neither of them live with their abusers anymore.

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