my medical freedom, stolen by the health insurance industry

My health insurance company is forcing me to choose between no treatment or taking medication not chosen by my doctor. I should have the freedom to follow my doctor’s recommendations.

To treat this uncomfortable, chronic, and increasingly serious condition, I now have to take a medication that has the potential to be toxic that will require monthly blood tests to monitor the effect on my liver. Single parenting and a severely limited income makes going for “simple blood tests” not a simple thing. My health insurance company insists I try *that* medication (and possibly others) before they will cover the (more expensive) medication my doctor actually prescribed.

Doctors should be able to care for their patients based on their experience and knowledge and intuition. Pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies shouldn’t be controlling our healthcare. The insurance industry should be abolished.

My medical freedom should be protected by the government. The government should protect the medical freedom of citizens who are physicians, as well, to allow them to care for their patients as they see fit. Health care should happen between patients and doctors/care providers. Our medical freedoms shouldn’t be suffocated and crushed by private industries.

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  1. is that psoriasis? have you tried elimination diets? mine is triggered by dairy and soy, specifically. much better since I’ve eliminated them, but now I’m reacting to the soy that chickens eat, therefore can’t eat chicken without my psoriasis flaring. seriously ridiculous. anyway, I totally agree, just wanted to point out some alternative ways of addressing your problem.

    • yup — I’ve tried lots and lots of things and it’s only gotten worse. the rate it’s spreading is distressing. there may be things I haven’t found that will help, but I haven’t yet found something that seems to have a direct connection to it. thanks for reading/commenting and the support.

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    • It was Enbrel, but I ended up getting it. I had to try other medications first, though, before MaineCare (gov’t) would cover it. It’s working magic for me. I dread losing the coverage. The drug company does have programs for assistance, but, again, I hope to avoid going that route for as long as I can.

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