“no groceries” update 3: not cheating

In my first post about the “no groceries challenge” I set for myself, I mentioned that I would likely make an exception for milk (that I would probably buy it). I also mentioned I might look at the sale rack for fresh(ish) produce. A day or two ago I did, in fact, go to the grocery store for milk. I also checked out the old-produce sale section and was delighted to find a big bag of onions. I was down to two onions and regretting I hadn’t noticed I was so low when I did my “last” shopping last week.
So, for $10.37 I purchased milk, a bag of onions, a couple bunches of bananas (most are in the freezer now), and some cucumbers.IMG_3349
I also got a bag of coffee from Starbucks which will give me a credit toward my “free” fancy drink that I look forward to every few weeks. My use of coffee, however, has gotten much more mindful despite the fact that I’m allowing myself the coffee beans purchase. I don’t make it as much, or as often. I have had fewer 1/4 pots of tepid coffee sitting on the coffee maker from making too much in the morning.
As for these “cheats,” I feel comfortable with them. This is not a game for me in the sense that I’m making it up. I honestly can’t afford to just get anything I want, so, being extraordinarily cautious about what I buy isn’t just for kicks. If I was playing at being too poor, I probably would’ve used the CoffeeMate and made my daughters use the remaining soy and almond milks that I have in the pantry before I went to the market. This isn’t about pretending, though.
Most dramatic for me has been how much more valuable every morsel seems. I see each unfinished item as something that might be saved. The difference is that while I have always been a saver of perfectly good food, I am now actually using it instead of saving it, forgetting it, and then tossing it in the trash because it seems too gross (even if it hasn’t gone bad). Food matters more now. This is good.