no groceries challenge (update)

My mindset around this most recent no groceries challenge can be summed up by looking at our “dining out” budget line. Talk about cheating!
I also completely forgot about the challenge and bought bacon and chicken livers when I was at the Portland Food Co-op because I’m rarely there and finding “happy meat” isn’t easy to do outside of our CSA meat share.
And! we went to my parents’ summer house and I decided to consider it part of our budget for vacations, so we spent about $50 on groceries.
It really hasn’t been a no-groceries challenge in any kind of pure way.
I have, however, begun remembering that we’re doing it. I’m now considering issues as if I really “can’t” go to the supermarket (except for fresh fruits/veggies and milk). I’m almost out of whole wheat flour. So, after I use the rest of the lavash and tortillas, will I make all-white bread? I’d hate to do that. Will I make an exception and buy flour? (Probably.) (It’s different than buying pre-made bread. It’s more in the spirit of making do with what we have.)
Certainly, I haven’t “gone grocery shopping” to buy items on a list and another $50-100 of “we probably could use this” stuff. But, we have eaten takeout more than usual, and flat out forgetting about the challenge and justifying purchases because it was “vacation” all serve to remind me how this is really a game I’m playing. This is nothing like real life, when I couldn’t afford to buy food.
I’m going to keep going, as imperfectly as I’ve been doing it, and see if I can get back on track and not buy anything beyond the fresh fruits/veggies and milk. …and maybe a bag of whole wheat flour…