no groceries challenge, f’real this time

In July, I announced I was starting a new “no groceries challenge” for myself. Then my older daughter’s birthday came along and I just generally forgot about my challenge. I remembered enough that I thought about it when I went to the supermarket, but I still went. In fact, in July, I was over my groceries budget for the month.
Progress not perfection. I re-started. On August 6th, we got fruit, eggs, milk, and a couple other things. Yesterday, on the 13th, we got fruit, kohlrabi, bread, and salad greens. I haven’t been up to our garden lately so running low on fresh veggies during the summer has been weird.
Being back on the real no-groceries challenge has been exciting, again. I’ve had many, many times when I’m getting lunches packed up for summer camps and I think, shoot, I should go grab xyz and instead I find something already on my shelves. I’m being more careful about not wasting, too. For example, the not-eaten pita from camp lunch got toasted and will be used to scoop hummus.
Today I’m going to buy some bacon. We have some garden tomatoes, you see, so bacon is important. (Ha.) With the bread and greens I got yesterday, we’ll have BLTs for dinner tonight. Yum.
Then it’s back to no-groceries for as long as we can swing it. My finances are precariously low. The big savings plan I had been working on has had to be put on hold; I’m keeping the accounts active with their $5 balances. I believe I’ll get back to the place where I can save. In any case, choosing to not spend is so much better than not having the option. I’m grateful I have the luxury to make this almost a game.
The depleting supplies are making me think seriously about what I might bake or cook and freeze… we have leftovers from the birthday party make-your-own-sundaes and those could go into cookies… mmmm…

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