miscellaneous mundanities

Thing’s I’d post on social media if I was still posting as much on social media as I was a few weeks ago (I’m seeing if I can use Facebook less (as a political act)):

  • My daughters’ schools are both very supportive of LGBTQ+ people. They are both communities where children and teens are exceptionally kind to each other, relative to my experience of children and teens when I was a nanny and/or child/teen myself. I suspect the two are connected. The more children/teens feel free to be who they really are — accepted just as they really are — the less fear leads the social lives of young people which equals more kindness. Just a theory.
  • The qualities I seek most in friendships are: trust that we can and will say “no” to each other, that we can and will ask for help, and that our actions — say, disappearing (not responding to or initiating contact) for weeks at a time — aren’t personal, we want to cause no harm to each other, we care and appreciate each other and don’t have to do any dances to prove it.
  • My concussion symptoms are decreasing at a faster rate than they have been — I’m able to do a lot more and my tired is more the tired of a single and self-employed mother rather than the tired of someone with post-concussion syndrome. I’m not better all the way, for sure, but I can manage the symptoms and learned so many strategies at Goodwill’s Bayside Neuro-Rehab center, I know I’ll just keep getting better and better. My daughters have noticed it and there’s a general air of joy in our home that hasn’t been there for far too long.
  • Today I bought a drink for someone in the Starbucks drive-through line (I was inside) and I loved how that felt. I’ve had strangers buy my drinks before and it’s always lovely. I hope the person gets a little boost of happy from the surprise today.
  • My last Bangor Daily News column will come out next week. I’m desperately sad that I won’t be writing a monthly column for them anymore, especially now that my symptoms are improving and I would be able to do it more easily. But, it’s not that they think I suck, it’s that the newspaper business is a crazy place these days and I’m just one of many casualties.
  • I’m getting a bad headache typing this (it’s the thinking more than anything) so I should’ve stopped two bullet points ago.