financial independence just out of reach

As I get financially more stable, I get more worried about the point at which I stop qualifying for government assistance (beyond the assistance we all get from our fire fighters, police officers, public education, drivable roads, etc.). The food stamps can go, I’d probably be okay losing them now, but losing the health insurance would likely put me back into scary territory really quickly. It’s a terrible bind. I want to keep getting more financially secure, but there’s an enormous gap between being stable and being able to afford medical care.

4 thoughts on “financial independence just out of reach

  1. I know so many people in your position. I wonder if our law-makers are too far removed from normal everyday life to know what we are all experiencing. Any TTV stores up there? :-)

    • I thought I understood how bad it was, but even I was too far removed until the recent challenges in my life. I’m sure politicians are mostly all too removed, yes.

      And, yes! There’s a TTV in Portland!

      It was so great to get a comment from you, thank you. :-)

  2. It just seems wrong to punish working people by making health care so unaffordable that they have to worry themselves sick over it. There are many luxuries we can do without, but this is a life-basic. I hope you can get this sorted out!

    • Thanks, and, yeah. It’s so strange to’ve moved from an intellectual understanding of the messed up system to living it. I do have plans for if/when I lose the gov’t health insurance to get the medications I’ll need. But, it will make life a lot more stressful in so many little ways and I will definitely be less likely to tend to preventative care issues.

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