White anti-racist monthly check-in group – group format

In our first gathering, we considered a possible format. We discussed it, edited it, and this was the result:

Welcome and introductions – names, pronouns

(3-5 min) Convener opens the gathering with a welcome and invitation to silent worship

[link to group norms is shared in the chat ]

[this agenda is shared in the chat:

Welcome, silent worship

Small groups 30 minutes

Group sharing

Close, silent worship ]

Break into smaller groups of 2-3 people

Individuals share about their anti-racism work (divide 30 minutes by the number of people):

  • One person in the small group volunteers to facilitate, keep time, remind us of group norms if needed;
  • Anyone can choose to “pass” if they prefer not to share;
  • Each individual will share as they are led, a suggested format might be “what I did this past month, what support I need, what I plan to do;”
  • Each person will commit to specific antiracism actions for the following month (spoke or unspoken).

After 30 minutes of individual sharing in small groups, we reconvene together to share and discuss highlights from small groups

We close with silent worship (3-5 minutes)

The zoom room will be open for about 30 minutes after to finish up conversations that were started in the sharing time…

Link to introduction post; link to group norms draft post.

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