In addition to helping nonprofits win grants, I like to help individuals and organizations with their websites.

Here are some examples of websites I’ve created and continue maintaining (two are my own sites):

One of the larger projects is where I turned this website into this one. This was the project that made me realize that creating and managing websites is *fun* for me.

Old site.
New site.

As I tip-toe into the world of asking folks to hire me to help with their website needs, I’ve made this page so I can show some of the work I’ve already done. If you are viewing this page, either you are someone I know personally or you know someone I know personally. There isn’t much to show yet. This is obviously not a hard-sell space. :-)

I began working on websites in the 1990s. I’ve always maintained my own sites, but only in the last couple years have I been hired to do website work for others. If you would like a website made and you’d like to consider hiring me, just email me at websites at grantwinners dot net. Thank you!