websites and desktop publishing

In addition to helping nonprofits win grants, I create websites and paper/digital publications, such as newsletters.

Here are some examples of websites I’ve created in the last few years:

In a larger project I turned this website (below) into this one.

Old site…
New(er) site!

I began working on websites in the 1990s. I’ve always maintained my own sites, but only in the last couple years have I been hired to do website work for others. I would love to create/update/maintain more websites. If you would like a website made or maintained and you’d like to consider hiring me, please email me at websites at serenebabe dot net with your ideas or questions.

It’s not as easy to share samples of my desktop publishing work, as most of that work involves offline publications. However, if you look at the newsletters on the Portland Friends Meeting website (scroll down the page), I have been doing layout for these newsletters for the last several years up through the summer of 2023. I absolutely love to take people’s words and images and turn them into attractive documents! Contact me here for more information.