it’s easy to tell your representatives in Congress what’s important to you, the voter

Culled from a variety of sources on the Internet, here’s what I know that has helped me stay motivated about calling our elected officials:

  • odds are very good, you’ll get voicemail — phone phobics can relax!
  • say this: My name is ______. I live in ________. I don’t need a response. I’m calling to urge ___rep name_____ to oppose/support the ______ bill. Thank you taking this message, I appreciate the work you (staffers) are doing;
    • if you want to say more after the first statements, that’s fine, but, as I understand it, what really matters is the number of calls they get yay or nay;
  • if you simply can’t get yourself to call, try faxing a letter via resistbot

So, for example, this morning, I called Senator Collins’ office here in Maine ( for #s), I chose the Portland number because that’s where I live (207) 780-3575 but the phone was busy, so I called DC. My message asked her to oppose the tax bill, even with modifications. I said I didn’t need a reply. I told the staff who would be retrieving the message that they could stop listening if they wanted (I don’t know if they’re allowed to do that or not) but I went on to explain that I want to be able to tell my daughters that Senator Collins is helping make things better. She’s protecting children and the elderly, she’s looking out for people working hard to make ends meet by opposing legalized greed. I want to tell that to my daughters.

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