groceries (I got some)

For those of you interested in my most recent “no groceries challenge,” I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff. I’ve purchased an item or two over the last few weeks beyond the fresh fruit/veggies/milk/eggs exceptions. This hasn’t been as strict as I’ve been in the past. I’ve also been in the company of my parents quite a bit who provided our meals when we were with them. But, yesterday’s visit to Trader Joe’s qualifies, in my mind, as a break in the challenge. I’m going to do another shopping to stock up on staples like cheese, beans, flour, and tofu.

After that groceries run, I’m going to keep on with the “seeing how long I can go without going to the grocery store” path because, as before, I’ve found I get much more efficient in using what we already have. Food doesn’t go to waste. Plus, for sure, the food we eat is tastier and healthier. I’m much more creative with leftovers. I have to think ahead (to soak the beans, for example), so I plan a decent meal or two or three that are yummy and well-balanced. Knowing I “can’t” just go get something to augment the easiest possible dinner, I end up doing more work but the results are definitely worth if for our bodies, minds, and my bank balance. Yum.

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