There are moments without bickering, without to-do lists, and without any “we’ve got to get going, we’re going to be late.”

As we were sitting in the sandbox, Maya (almost nine) climbed into my lap. Althea (just turned 3) chattered along about what she was doing. The girls ate some grapes and pretzels. Then, both of them were on my lap. They were crunching their snacks. I had my arms around them. We watched the robins poking at the ground and saw what I thought was maybe a Monarch butterfly, but Maya said it was a Painted Lady. We heard the birds singing, the squirrels chittering. I rested my head with a kiss on one of their heads, then again on the other. I inhaled deeply and I said, “I might burst.”



Earlier on this same morning. “Goose’s party.”

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